Viatran Introduces Industry Exclusive Detachable Level Transmitter

Wheatfield, NY – Viatran introduces its Model 595 detachable level transmitter. The distinguishing feature of this product is its industry-exclusive detachable body, which allows for quick sensor swap and replacement without removal of the installed cable. To swap, the user simply pulls up the sensor, twists the coupling sleeve until no longer engaged, and then separates the two halves. Units can also be re-attached in the same manner, without the need for special tools. A triple O-ring seal prevents fluid ingress. Each unit also undergoes extensive leak testing prior to shipment.

Available in ranges from 0-16 inches W.C. to 0-335 feet W.C., the Viatran Model 595 detachable level transmitter can eliminate requirements for cable re-routing during sensor repair, replacement or calibration. End users can also reduce the risks of costly and unwanted downtime, as well as risks of cable damage caused by traditional sensor replacement methods. The relatively low price point of the sensor allows for multiple level transmitters to be kept in inventory, to be used when measuring different levels or densities, further saving on cable costs.

The Viatran Model 595 offers reliable level monitoring of wastewater, lift stations, holding bonds, dams, reservoirs, wet wells, and in-ground and above ground tanks, and with inventory tank gauging. Its highly durable construction combines a low cost open faced ceramic sensor with PVC housing, facilitating its use within caustic environments. The open face design removes the need for a traditional protective cap, which can be otherwise prone to clogging.

A wide variety of sensor and housing materials, as well as accessories, are also available, including external lightning protection, weights and cable hangers. For detailed specifications, application assistance, or additional information, visit

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