Versatile Connectors Sport One-Step Locking Mechanism

Measuring 40% smaller than standard SMA screw types, Rosenberger’s SMP Infinity connector series features a one-step locking mechanism. Insertion force is less than or equal to 45 N, permiting fast and easy connections. For horizontal and vertical disconnecting only one tool is necessary, which makes disconnecting also fast and easy – despite the high retention force up to 400 N.


SMP Infinity connectors are designed for a temperature range from -65 °C to +155 °C and can be used for frequencies up 40 GHz, e.g. in telecom or in aerospace applications. The product line consists of straight and right angle connectors, cable connectors, bulkhead types, PCB connectors – pin-in-paste, solder pin, surface mount or even rear mount types. Test adaptors and cable assemblies are also available. Rosenberger North America, Pennsauken, NJ

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