VCA Developer's Kit Accelerates Prototype Creation

VCA Developer's Kit Accelerates Prototype Creation
BEI Kimco Magnetics

The company’s improved Voice Coil Actuator (VCA) Developer's Kit includes three actuator sizes with greater force and stroke capabilities. The additions round out the Kit selection to a total of six actuators with force performances now ranging from 15.56 N to 1,512 N, and total strokes ranging from 6.35 mm to 31.7 mm. Outside actuator diameters measure from 32 mm to 113.8 mm. The kit is available in six configurations, each with a different VCA paired with the appropriate controller PCBA to drive the VCA being used. A built-in feedback sensor and programmable controller with MotionLab Software runs on the user's local PC. The controller incorporates an I/O board that allows physical inputs and outputs such as push buttons (digital inputs), LEDs (digital outputs), and potentiometers (analog input). Sample programs for flow, motion, oscillation, timers, and memory are included. Kit part numbers are DK-LAS13-18, DK-LAS13-54, DK-LAS16-23, DK-LAS22-42, DK-LAS28-53, and DK-LAS43-88. For more details and a video, visit  

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