Variable-Speed Drives Deliver Outputs To 3 kHz

Variable-Speed Drives Deliver Outputs To 3 kHz

Designed for demanding, high-speed applications, the Unidrive HS30 and HS70 variable speed drives are capable of delivering output frequencies to 3 kHz. Other than high-speed handling, both drives offer the same specifications as the company’s standard Control Techniques Unidrive M700 and Unidrive M300 variable speed drives. The new drives are controlled products under new laws in the EU and USA covering the export of dual-use goods, software, and technology. The Unidrive HS70 provides on-board real time Ethernet and incorporates an on-board advanced motion controller and PLC. Different variations are available including models with on-board Ethernet, RS-485, and Dual Safe Torque Off (Dual STO). Unidrive HS30 is designed for applications that require cost effective integration into safety systems and incorporates Dual STO and advanced Rotor Flux Control of open loop induction motors. For more details, open  

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