Valve Status Monitors from Bray Controls

Valve Status Monitors from Bray Controls
Bray Controls

Series 52 2N1 ProxSensor valve status monitors from Bray Controls, Houston, TX, are now available in versions with AS-i, DeviceNet, or Profibus DP communications along with a solenoid drive. Each device incorporates 2 proximity sensors in one compact, self-contained, sealed enclosure. Features include local LED indicators; an optional valve position display; AC, PNP or NPN DC, or NAMUR DC units; adjustable targets so you can set both valve position signals at incremental angles before or on the fully open or fully closed positions; and imperviousness to vibration, moisture, and most chemical and corrosive agents. The device mounts directly to the company's pneumatic actuators, eliminating contamination buildup between sensor and actuator.

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Company: Bray Controls
Phone number: 281-894-5454
Fax: 281-894-9499

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