Validity Unveils the Next Generation of DLI Fingerprint Sensors

SAN JOSE, CA /BUSINESS WIRE/ -- Validity Sensors Inc., a privately held biometric company specializing in high-quality, durable fingerprint sensors, announced its smallest sensors to date, the VFS200 family of products.

VFS200 products inherit the same durable LiveFlex technology pioneered by Validity in the development of the VFS131 fingerprint sensor, which has enjoyed great success in the rugged Notebook PC marketplace, exceeding the stringent requirements posed by demanding OEMs and world governments alike. The evolution to a Dual Line Imager (DLI) has made smaller, more traditional swipe sensor dimensions possible. The VFS200 family of sensors delivers LiveFlex durability in a small exposed swipe area of 12 mm by 3 mm, giving an alternative option to fragile silicon sensors when small size is required.

The first product available from the VFS200 family is the USB-based VFS201, which integrates easily into PC market devices, such as consumer and enterprise notebooks and peripherals. Users can easily swipe their finger over an extremely durable plastic surface for password replacement, authentication, identification, securing important data, and more.

The SPI-based VFS202, the second product available from the VFS200 family, integrates well in mobile, embedded, and access control devices. Validity provides the SPI development kits necessary to support integrations with ARM-based processors, enabling the quickest time to market for fingerprint-enabled devices.

"The VFS200 family of products carries on Validity's world-class secure and convenient fingerprint technology in a smaller form factor," noted Jalil Shaikh, Validity's CEO. "We are excited to introduce these DLI products as they allow for the most flexible options in packaging designs while maintaining compatibility with less robust silicon sensors."

The VFS201 is available for evaluation today. Visit the company's Web site for more information.

About Validity Sensors Inc.
Headquartered in San Jose, CA, Validity Sensors Inc. is a provider of the "world's most durable, high-performance fingerprint sensors for the PC & networking, wireless, portable storage, and access-control markets. Validity's biometric security products enable a wide range of product enhancements across numerous market segments, including password replacement for PCs and applications, centralized management for corporate network security, secure mobile transactions, protection of portable data, identity verification for government and military applications, and physical access control. All trademarks or registered trademarks are property of the respective holders.