Vacuum Sensors Reset Price-Performance Standards

Vacuum Sensors Reset Price-Performance Standards
Posifa Microsystems Inc.

The PVC1000 series MEMS Pirani vacuum sensors boast ultralow power consumption with a reduced footprint at previously unattainable prices. Based on the principal that thermal conductivity of gas is proportional to pressure in the low vacuum range, the sensors measure minute changes in resistance to a heated element resulting from heat transfer to the surrounding gas. The heated element consists of a platinum thin-film resistor residing on a thermal insulating membrane. The membrane is suspended over a micro-machined cavity that is 25 μm in depth and has a bottom surface that is parallel to the membrane, ensuring precision measurement of heat transfer. Due to the minute volume of the gas measured, the volume within the cavity, the sensors deliver ultra-low power consumption and fast response time. Features include a power consumption of less than 5 mW, response time of less than 5 ms, and shock resistance to 1 kg. Pricing is $12.50 each/1,000. For more specs, visit  

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