UVC Sensors Are Quite Compact

Genicom, known as GenUV, has launched two surface-mount (SMD) UVC sensors, the GUVC-S10GD and GUVC-T10GD-L185. The GUVC-S10GD sensor with metal package and quartz window is compact, measuring 3.5mm x 3.5mm x 1 mm. The device operates in photovoltaic mode with a bias voltage of 0V. Its spectral detection range is from 200 nm to 280 nm, making it suited for disinfection applications by using a UVC lamp and UVC LED. According to the company, the device has a lower price and is easier to use compared to existing products.


The GUVC-T10GD-L185 sensor is suitable for VUV (Vacuum UV, 100~200nm) detection with TO-46 package and quartz window. The sensor material is AlGaN and the active area is 1,536 mm2. It can detect the wavelength of 185 nm from an ozone and/or excimer lamp. For deeper insights, datasheets are available for the GUVC-S10GD and GUVC-T10GD-L185.

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