UV Transmittance Monitor Self-Calibrates

UV Transmittance Monitor Self-Calibrates

The UVT-LED-PW Transmittance Monitor (formerly PearlSense T254) provides continuous monitoring for accurate UV disinfection dosing. The compact monitor ensures proper UV dosing and efficient operation of UV disinfection systems. Said to be simple to operate, with a clear backlit LED display, the unit mounts directly in a pressurized pipe or sampling line, taking automatic measurements every 60 seconds. The sensor directly outputs a 4 to 20 mA signal for UV system control or data logging. Patented cleaning and calibration features ensure UVT-LED-PW measurements are accurate and reliable and an integrated Teflon wiper delivers a swift cleaning cycle before each reading is taken, to prevent fouling and build-up in water and wastewater applications. The sensor automatically calibrates to a quartz reference standard built into the wiper mechanism. For more details, visit http://www.sensorex.com/uv-transmittance  

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