UV-LED Illuminators Deliver Over 20W

UV-LED Illuminators Deliver Over 20W

The company’s next generation LumiBright 3300B UV-LED illuminators target digital light processing (DLP) applications such as 3D printing, maskless lithography, prepress digital imaging, phototherapy, and refractive surgery. Reportedly, the UV-LED technology offers more reliable and economical advantages over lasers and arc lamps in UV DLP systems. High optical power over 20W matches the power output of fiber-coupled laser diode bundles at lower cost. The 3300B series features a UV-LED array coupled to a high efficiency, non-imaging collection optic with an aspect ratio matched to DLP chips. An integral imaging optic is telecentric over the entire DLP and is constrained in angle to match the micromirror tilt angle. Water-cooling allows the UV-LED array to be operated at a very high current density. Standard LED center wavelengths include 365 nm, 375 nm, 385 nm, 395 nm, and 405 nm. Single or multi-wavelength configurations are available. For a datasheet, go to http://innovationsinoptics.com/products/datasheets/IOI_Data_Sheet_UV3300B.pdf

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