UV-A LED Light Source Enables Hands-Free Yoke Inspection

UV-A LED Light Source Enables Hands-Free Yoke Inspection
Spectronics Corp.

Suitable for magnetic particle inspection, the EK-3000 EagleEye UV-A/White Light LED Inspection Kit employs an adjustable strap that allow it to be worn on a hard hat or directly on the head for hands-free operation. The battery-operated EagleEye inspection lamp has two ultra-high intensity UV-A (365 nm) LEDs for NDT inspection plus a three-LED white light assembly for visible illumination in dark work areas. The kit also comes with a lanyard, two replacement splash guards with integral particulate filters, three spare batteries, a battery charging cradle with ac/dc cords sets, and UV-absorbing spectacles. All come in a soft carrying case. More info is available at http://www.spectroline.com/content/ek-3000  

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