USB-to-I2S Chip Simplifies Digital Audio Design

The CP2615 audio bridge chip promises to simplify digital audio design by eliminating the complexities of firmware development. The fixed-function audio bridge device provides a simple, turnkey solution for transferring digital audio data between the universal serial bus (USB) and integrated inter-IC sound (I2S) serial bus interfaces. It provides a drop-in USB-to-I2S connectivity solution that requires no USB audio knowledge or protocol expertise, enabling developers to focus on their end applications instead of firmware development. The CP2615 is available in a 5 mm x 5 mm QFN-32 package and integrates a USB 2.0 full-speed function controller, USB transceiver, on-chip oscillator, I2S audio interface, I2C control interface, and embedded flash memory. Additionally, the company’s Simplicity Studio development environment includes an easy-to-use, GUI-based Xpress Configurator tool that simplifies USB audio design. Samples and production quantities of the CP2615 digital audio bridge device are available now. CP2615 product pricing begins at $2.51 each/10,000. The CP2615-EK evaluation kit is available now and priced at $59.00. For additional information, visit