USB Oscilloscope Packs A Plethora Of Features

USB Oscilloscope Packs A Plethora Of Features
TiePie Engineering

Integrated several features unique to the company, TiePie’s Handyscope HS6 DIFF USB 3.0 oscilloscope provides four channels with differential inputs and is available in models with sampling rates from 50 MS/s to 1 GS/s. Offering several features unique to TiePie engineering, the scope employs SafeGround technology that allows differential inputs to be safely switched to single ended. The advantage of differential inputs is that there are no connections between the channels and the ground of the computer. That makes it impossible to create a short circuit. A single ended input can be used together with a standard 1:10 oscilloscope probe but a short circuit is simply made. A short circuit can damage your measuring instrument, your computer and the device you measuring on. This problem is now solved by the Handyscope HS6 DIFF Other unique features include a standard CMI interface that allows users to connect more Handyscope HS6-DIFFs together to create an instrument with multiple measuring channels with the same sample frequency with 0-ppm deviation. For more details and specs, visit  

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