USB Load/Force Sensors from Loadstar Sensors

USB Load/Force Sensors from Loadstar Sensors
Loadstar Sensors Inc.

The iLoad PRO Series digital load/force sensors from Loadstar Sensors Inc., Mountain View, CA, measure compressive and tensile loads with accuracies up to 0.05% F.S. and are available in capacities from 10 lb. to 25,000 lb. Features include USB or 0–5 VDC output without the need for additional signal conditioning; low-profile design; a rugged female threaded mounting structure; and improved cable strain relief. Sensors plug directly into the USB port of a PC and appear as a virtual COM port. LoadVUE software takes care of all communication functions and displays loads in lb., kg, or N.

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Company: Loadstar Sensors Inc.
Phone number: 510-623-9600

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