USB Digital Accelerometer Supported by Leading Software Vendors

Indian Rocks Beach, FL - Introduced at Sensors Expo earlier this year, the Digiducer Piezoelectric USB Digital Accelerometer is rapidly gaining acceptance in both industrial and test markets. There are already more than a dozen commercially available software packages that communicate directly with the Digiducer Model 333D01.

The device is finding utility in applications from balancing to electric motor monitoring to vehicle vibration. Value-added reseller GTI Predictive Technology has incorporated the product with its app, VibeRMS, and an Apple® iPad mini™ for an entry-level vibration monitoring system. The ability to bring high dynamic range vibration signals to smartphones and tablets is simplifying and broadening both predictive maintenance and process improvement uses of sound and vibration.

For general vibration test users, price points for iOS and PC general DAQ/FFT software can be found under $100, with some as low as $4.99 or shareware priced. Power users will be pleased to see the Digiducer product is also supported by traditional software packages such as Vibrant Technology's ME'ScopeVES™ and MechaniCom.

Custom application developers have noted that the Piezoelectric USB Digital Accelerometer's simplified, yet high-fidelity (24-bit) built-in data acquisition communicates seamlessly with both iOS and PC audio drivers. Custom applications have been developed in environments as varied as National Instruments LabView, The MathWorks® MATLAB and other programming languages.

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