USB DA Module from Hacker-DatenTechnik

USB DA Module from Hacker-DatenTechnik
USB-DAQ-Box MF16080 Series portable USB DA modules from Hacker-DatenTechnik, Bad Breisig, Germany, offer 16 analog inputs, 8 analog outputs, and 10 digital I/O in a small, durable aluminum enclosure. Input voltage ranges are from 4–24 V max. and differential input mode is software-selectable. Resolution is 12-bit for both analog inputs and outputs. Max. sample rate is 30 kHz (1 channel) and up to 100 kHz (all 16 channels). The digital I/O are TTL-compatible and 4 lines can source up to 15 mA while the others source up to 2 mA.

Contact Info

Company: Hacker-DatenTechnik
Phone number: +49 2633-200360
Fax: +49 2633-200361

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