USB DA Module from DATAQ Instruments

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DATAQ Instruments Inc.

The 2.625 by 5.5 by 1.53 in., 3.6 oz. DI-145 USB DA module from DATAQ Instruments Inc., Akron, OH, includes four ±10 V analog channels, 2 dedicated digital inputs, and includes software to let you display and record data to a PC in real time. Once recorded, you can play back data, analyze it, or export it to an array of DA and spreadsheet formats. The four fixed differential analog channels are protected from transient spikes up to ±150 V peak; a 10-bit ADC provides 19.5 mV resolution across the F.S. measurement range. Digital inputs are protected up to ±30 VDC/peak AC. The DI-145 data protocol allows programmers to access the module on any Windows-, Linux-, or Mac-based operating system.

Contact Info

Company: DATAQ Instruments Inc.
Country: United States (USA)
Phone number: 330-668-1444

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