USB DA Module from Data Translation

USB DA Module from Data Translation
Data Translation Inc.

The DT9837 from Data Translation, Marlboro, MA, is a multifunction USB module for sound and vibration analysis that has 4 independent 24-bit IEPE sensor inputs synchronized with a tachometer input to provide data streams matched in time for field or laboratory use. The module is self-powered via the USB connection to a PC or laptop. Features include 4 simultaneous 24-bit delta sigma ADCs, sampling rate of >52 kHz/input channel, simultaneous operation of A/D and D/A subsystems, and a 24-bit delta sigma DAC. The module is supported by Measure Foundry and third-party application packages.

Contact Info

Company: Data Translation Inc.
Country: United States (USA)
Phone number: 800-525-8528
Fax: 508-481-8620

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