USB 3.0 Camera Board Fits Tight-Quarter Designs

USB 3.0 Camera Board Fits Tight-Quarter Designs
Baumer Ltd.

Baumer enhances its MX camera series by adding the fast USB 3.0 interface and enhancing its board/modular design to fit into cramped quarters. The remote sensor head measures 28.5 mm x 28.5 mm and connects to the system PCB via flexprint, exhibiting an 8.2-mm overall height. Diverse applications, USB connection, and flexibility in minimal spaces characterize ten new camera models, available with resolutions from VGA to 4 megapixels and Sony CCD and CMOSIS sensors. Other features include operation at rates up to 160 fps, global shutter sensors in monochrome and color, sequencer or storable user sets, and GAPI SDK v.2.2 software. For a datasheet, go to  

Baumer Ltd.
Southington, CT

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Company: Baumer Ltd.
Country: United States (USA)
Phone number: 800-937-9336

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