US Seismic Systems Completes First Hydraulic Clamp Test in Texas

CHATSWORTH, CA -- US Seismic Systems, Inc. announces it has successfully completed the first stage testing of its high fidelity, high temperature, hydraulic clamp system. The initial test, conducted at the University of Texas, Devine test site will be followed by a high temperature test next month.

"This recent field test of our all new hydraulic clamp system is another important milestone for USSI. Our previous pneumatic clamping system provided superior performance in testing and was an integral component in our sensor shootout win conducted by ConocoPhillips last year. However, at the customer request a hydraulic clamp was designed that would exhibit the same qualities as our pneumatic clamp system. The new system operating as a self- contained unit is now fully compatible with real world oilfield operations," stated Mark Bashforth, President & CEO US Seismic.

"A high performance clamp system is essential in exploiting the full capability of our sensor system," concluded Bashforth.

USSI is currently exhibiting the latest version of its Optiphone HD™ fiber optic geophone and its wireline clamping system at the Society of Exploration Geophysicists Annual Meeting, Booth 2454.

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