US Patent Office (USPTO) Awards Solar-Tectic LLC a Patent for Superconductivity Invention

BRIARCLIFF MANOR, NY -- Solar-Tectic LLC ("ST") announces the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has allowed a patent for enhancing the electricity carrying capability of superconducting wires or tapes.

US patent (13/155,508) titled "Enhancing Critical Current Density of Cuprate Superconductors" discloses a method for enhancing the critical current density in superconductors by restricting the movement of Abrikosov (A) vortices, Josephson (J) vortices, or Abrikosov-Josephson (A-J) vortices using the half integer vortices associated with the d-wave symmetry present in the grain boundary. The methods of the invention also provide ways to fabricate cuprate superconducting tapes on single crystal metallic substrates.

Improving the critical current density or "Jc" of superconducting tapes can allow for efficient long distance transport of electricity generated by solar power to and from, for example, smart grids and private homes.

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