US Patent Awarded to NovoSpeech for Speech Recognition Technology Innovation

TEL AVIV, Israel -- NovoSpeech, a portfolio company of The Trendlines Group, received a notice of allowance for one of its key speech recognition
innovations, heralding a significant milestone in its intellectual property protection process.

NovoSpeech received notice that its "virtual microphone array" application has been granted by the USPTO. This innovation is a proprietary algorithm that creates a number of independent channels -producing an array effect - from a single speech signal from one microphone. Just as an array of microphones allows for signal enhancement in a noisy environment, NovoSpeech's virtual microphone array enhances the speech signal against background noise, all without de-noising the speech signal, which often results in losing important data. Thus, NovoSpeech improves the robustness of speech recognition in real-life environments such as busy public places and moving vehicles and addresses one of the key challenges still facing speech recognition as it tries to penetrate mass markets.

Tina Ornstein, CEO of NovoSpeech: "This is great news for us. Additionally, our quantum search patent application claims were deemed innovative, inventive, and industrially applicable by the international PCT examiner, which puts us on an accelerated track for our national applications. We recently applied on an accelerated track for a U.S. patent and expect to have it granted in 3 to 4 months. This patent relates to our ability to carry out very large vocabulary recognition in the small, constrained environments of mobile devices."

Steve Rhodes, Chairman and CEO of Trendlines, adds: "This is an incredible milestone for NovoSpeech and validates their cutting-edge technology. The ability to significantly enhance automatic speech recognition allows NovoSpeech a larger stake in a relatively untapped market. We look forward to the Company's next developments."

An Israel-based company, NovoSpeech is dedicated to developing a cutting-edge speech recognition engine that provides highly robust, large vocabulary speech recognition entirely on-device - without the need to connect to the cloud, as required by current leading speech recognition solutions for mobile devices. NovoSpeech provides a consistently superior user experience even in noisy environments or with speaker accents.

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