UPS System IoT And IIoT Apps Up And Running

Cyber Power Systems’ CyberPower BAS34U24V uninterruptible power supply (UPS) system protects building and industrial controls from power failures, interruptions, over-voltages, and surges. The system protects controller and server platforms, networking devices, data loggers, remote facility monitors, and other equipment from power disruptions to avoid loss of vital data and service failures. It is the first in a series of automation power-protection products to safeguard equipment within building automation systems (BAS), energy management systems (EMS) and other production-related systems which run smart buildings and factories.


CyberPower BAS34U24V is compliant with the Construction Specification Institute (CSI) Division 25 standard for integrated building automation regarding facility controller backup. Designed for IoT technologies, it features a line-interactive topology to regulate voltage without having to switch to the battery. Other features include:

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  • Compact form factor and DIN rail mount allows for secure installations inside controller cabinets.
  • A high-density lithium-ion battery and an innovative electronic design with DC output yields an extended battery runtime of up to four hours at 80 percent rated capacity.
  • SNMP internet-standard protocol provides critical information and alerts, such as remaining battery runtime and power conditions.
  • Regulatory and safety certifications for the UPS system include UL 60950-1 and FCC Class B.  

If you are all charged up over this, a CyberPower BAS34U24V datasheet is available for safe discharging.

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