Upgraded Safety Controller Ups Output Current

Upgraded Safety Controller Ups Output Current
Wieland Electric Inc.

Wieland Electric boosts the output current for its samos Pro programmable safety controllers to 4A, enabling a more versatile and cost-effective means of safely switching loads in a range of industrial machine safety circuits. The series controllers are approved for monitoring and control of machines in safety applications up to Category 4 (EN954-1), PLe (EN13849-1), and SIL3 (EN626061) standards. The modular configuration can start with as few as eight inputs and four outputs and be scaled to 384 inputs and 192 outputs. The 22.5mm wide DIN rail modules are rated for 24 Vdc input power (nominal), and are available with either screw clamp or cage clamp pluggable terminals. Programming software, samosPLAN, is available at no charge.

Wieland Electric Inc.
Ontario, Canada
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Company: Wieland Electric Inc.
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