Universal Transmitter Features Automatic Sensor Recognition

Universal Transmitter Features Automatic Sensor Recognition

Employing a unique infrared interface, the PolyTrans P 32000 universal sensor transmitters can automatically recognize the signal outputs of any two-, three- and four-wire temperature, force and strain sensors, resistors, potentiometers, resistive sensors, and similar sensing technologies. They can also recognize standard thermocouple signals, with either internal or external reference junction compensation, and without the need for further adjustments. The universal transmitters also adapt to individual measurement tasks using DIP and rotary encoder switches or an IrDA interface. A broad ranged power supply covers all common voltages from 24V to 230V and ensures maximum safety, even when operating with unstable power grids. Three-port isolation with protective separation up to 300 Vac/dc, according to EN 61140, ensures optimal protection. Units are also available with SIL 2 approvals per IEC 61508. For more specs and details, visit http://www.knick-international.com/products/proline/modular_cases/universal_transmitter/polytrans_p_32000

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