Universal Transmitter Analyzes Secondary Clarifiers

Universal Transmitter Analyzes Secondary Clarifiers
Electro-Chemical Devices Inc.

Chiseled for municipal wastewater treatment in secondary clarifier operations, the dual channel T80 universal transmitter and Triton TR6 turbidity analyzer pair with the S80 Intelligent sensors to measure DO, pH or five other common liquid parameters. The dual channel T80 Transmitter features self-configuring electronics and eliminates the need to buy multiple transmitters to monitor turbidity, DO, pH, ORP, pION, conductivity, or resistivity. With one transmitter processing data from two sensors such as turbidity and DO or pH, the installation requirements are greatly simplified. The Triton TR6 Sensor measures suspended solids or turbidity in four selectable dual ranges featuring pre-set low and high ranges from 0 to 4000 NTU. Its optical IR sensor emits a beam of 850 nm (near infrared light) into a water sample where it is scattered by particles suspended in the water. The amount of light reflected back to the sensor by the particles is correlated to the turbidity or suspended solids present.

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