Universal Sinewave Filter from Mirus International

Mirus International Inc.

The Inversine advanced universal sinewave filter from Mirus International Inc., Brampton, ON, Canada, provides motor protection against the degrading effects of reflected wave phenomena that cause motor winding failure, cable insulation degradation, and high EMI/RFI. It transforms the PWM variable-frequency drive (VFD) output voltage into a clean sinewave with <3% THD(V). The filter works seamlessly with all makes of PWM VFDs such as motor drives with up to 15,000 ft. of motor lead lengths, electrical submersible pumps with long motor cables, existing motors with insufficient motor or cable insulation, motor drives with multiple parallel motors, and HVAC systems that require reduced audible motor noise.

Contact Info

Company: Mirus International Inc.
Country: Canada
Phone number: 888-866-4787

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