Unique Technique Enables Current Measurement Up To 100A

Unique Technique Enable Current Measurement Up To 100A
ams AG

Deemed a design breakthrough, the company’s latest reference design board measures current up to 100A with an accuracy of ±1% by monitoring voltage drops across a copper track on the PCB. This unique technique uses the AS8510 data-acquisition front end and promises to reduce bill-of-materials cost by eliminating the precision shunt resistor common to current-sensing applications. The AS8510 provides two channels, one of which measures current by sensing the voltage drop over a 10-mm section of a PCB track with a known resistance value and temperature coefficient. The other channel measures the temperature of the copper track. Temperature measurement is via the AS8510 or an external temperature sensor. For further information, visit http://www.ams.com/AS8510/CopperShunt  

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