Unique Tech Brings NIR Imaging To Surveillance Cameras

The OS05A20 emerges as the first image sensor to implement OmniVision’s breakthrough Nyxel near-infrared (NIR) technology. The 5-megapixel color image sensor leverages both the PureCel pixel architecture and Nyxel technology to capture bright, crisp videos and images, day and night. The device achieves a significant improvement in quantum efficiency (QE) when compared with OmniVision’s earlier-generation sensors.


With NIR sensitivities that exceed 850 nm, the OS05A20 achieves a significant QE improvement at 850 nm and 940 nm while maintaining high modulation transfer function. It captures high-resolution 2688x1944 video at 60 fps and comes in a larger 2 x 2-micron pixel format for improved sensitivity. For more specs and details, an OS05A20 data brief is available for your perusal. OmniVision Technologies Inc., Santa Clara, CA. 408-567-3000

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