Unique Silicon Technology Reduces Production Costs And Capital Investment

Pallidus claims its proprietary M-SiC material and technology platform has the capability to deliver cost/performance parity against silicon devices in the $12.5 billion power device market, creating the potential for significant market disruption. With a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of greater than 25%, silicon carbide power devices deliver superior performance in key segments of the power electronics market – wind energy, electronic vehicles and aerospace. The ability to achieve cost/performance parity with silicon devices will increase market penetration by up to six times – creating a market value of >$1.5 billion in SiC power devices. The single biggest hurdle to market expansion is the cost and availability of high quality silicon carbide wafers. We believe that M-SiC technology provides the solution.


Pallidus M-SiC is allegedly one of the world's purest and most uniform silicon carbide source materials.  Compatible with current manufacturing processes, M-SiC reduces the production cycle and improves both the quality and overall yield of silicon carbide wafers. Delivering a major reduction in wafer defects, M-SiC can significantly improve overall device yield. Taken together, M-SiC delivers up to a 50% decrease in both wafer and device production costs with a significantly lower capital investment. More information is available about M-Sic on the Pallidus website.