Unique Polymer Electrolytes Forecast Next-Gen Batteries

Sidhu Laboratories has created a class of 100% solid-state, high-performance polymer electrolytic membranes called SiLyte that offer numerous advantages over standard liquid electrolytes used in traditional batteries. Void of any ionic liquids, low-boiling point solvents, or low-viscous oils and gels, SiLyte electrolytic membranes are safe, high-performance, and mechanically-strong polymer electrolytes that promise to revolutionize Li-Ion batteries that are prone to explode when overheated or overcharged.  Li-ion batteries also are expensive to manufacture, sensitive to temperature, and become unusable if the voltage falls below a certain level. 

SiLyte is safe and enables the development of non-flammable, chemically-inert and safe batteries. Features include high-thermal stability, non-toxic components, no outgassing of hazardous chemicals at high temperatures and nonflammable, and it outlasts conventional storage systems. Room temperature ionic conductivity is up to 1.4 mS/cm, the Lithium-ion transference number is 0.60, and the material is electrochemically stable up to 5 volts. 

The SiLyte 1.0 line is now available for commercial use. For more information, visit Sidhu Laboratories, and/or contact Karmjit Sidhu to discuss the technology via email at [email protected] or call 973-615-0379.

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