Unique Laser Light Headphones Can Help Identify Certain Individuals

It happens quite often, particularly on public transportation as well as airlines, someone will sit next to you who is gaffed to their smartphone with earbuds. This person usually has no cognizance of anything or anyone other than his or her media device and self, respectively.

Aside from stretching out, both body and possessions, into your space, this person also usually listens to media at about +145 dB above the threshold of hearing. This translates into you incessantly hearing all of the high-frequency content, e.g., sssssst, sssssst, sssssst, etc.

For reasons that escape the realms of rationality, it is felt that these idiosyncrasies are not enough to draw attention to the offending party. Like anything else, there has to be more! Well, the answer may just be Spark Headphones.

According to the company, Spark Headphones not only deliver stellar audio, they also glow and pulse to the rhythm of the wearer's music. It’s kind of Joshua Light Show for headphones, just not as sophisticated (checkout an example HERE).

All diverse verbiage aside, the Spark Company originally created these illuminated headphones as a safety accessory to make nightwalkers and runners visible at night. Drivers could see them and avoid hitting them and muggers could see who was going by with a nice smartphone or other media device, a useful and thoughtful endeavor to say the most.

As an afterthought, it was seen that Spark Headphone owners would be able to express their fashion sense through three different lighting settings. The headphones can be set to a glowing, flashing, or regular non-glow mode. Batteries provide a five-hour glow before requiring a charge. Naturally, the headphones may be used traditionally without a glow. Other features include a play wire with a built-in HD microphone and reliable construction.

Spark Headphones plans to launch a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign to reach potential collaborators and raise manufacturing funds. For information, CLICK HERE.

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