Unique Ceramic Allows for Machining Complex Parts with High Thermal Conductivity

Coraopolis, PA -- Goodfellow Ceramic and Glass Division offers Shapal Hi-M soft, a composite sintered body of AlN and BN that specifically addresses machining difficulties associated with the brittleness and hardness of traditional ceramics. Shapal™ Hi-M soft can be machined into small or complex shapes and is suitable for a wide range of applications, thanks to its unique combination of properties:

• Excellent machinability -- High-precision, close-tolerance components can be machined using a wide range of techniques including drilling, grinding, turning and milling
• High thermal conductivity -- Approximately 4X that of alumina and at least 50X that of machinable glass ceramic
• High mechanical strength -- It has a flexural strength of 300 MPa, comparable to alumina

Additional advantages include excellent electrical insulation, low thermal expansion, low dielectric loss, excellent high-temperature properties, and suitability for vacuum applications. Typical applications of Shapal Hi-M soft include:

• Prototyping and small volume production
• Electrical components
• Heat sinks
• Vacuum components
• Jigs and fixtures
• Crucibles for vacuum applications

Shapal Hi-M soft is available from Goodfellow as rods and sheets or as finished components precision-machined to customer drawings.

For more information:

Goodfellow Corporation
125 Hookstown Grade Road
Coraopolis, PA
[email protected]


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