Unique approach to force sensing solutions for next generation 3D HMIs

RICHMOND, North Yorks, England - Peratech, innovators in force sensing solutions, presented at the recent Micro Nano MEMS 2015 exhibition in Birmingham, UK. Dr. Alec Reader, Peratech's VP of Business Development and Partnerships, said: "Our unique pressure sensing technology provides the perfect solutions for 3D input. It delivers force information in the Z axis along with X and Y positional information. 3D Human Machine Interface (HMI) from one simple-to-implement sensor technology is really exciting product designers.

"The next generation of Human Machine Interfaces is using force touch. This provides more intuitive interactions and does not require battery-draining, complex technologies. We can provide customers with smarter solutions that are simple to integrate into their products. Also they are low power, thin, light, very mechanically reliable and extremely accurate. They can even be operated with gloves on."

Peratech makes force touch solutions for single point of contact sensing as well as single and multi touch array sensors. The latter can even be located behind capacitive screens as the technology is sensitive enough to detect changes in the force applied through thin glass. Tailored solutions enable the HMI controls to be configured rapidly to suit the context of what is being controlled. The matrix sensors can similarly be used to create multi-touch, multi-force smart surfaces for buttons, sliders and gesture input. These can even be behind metal overlays, leather, fabrics, wood, plastics, etc.

Peratech provides with a comprehensive library of filters, algorithms, firmware and embedded Graphical User Interfaces to create complete 3D HMI force sensing solutions. Bespoke software and engineering can also be provided if required to ensure the perfect solution for a customer's project.

Quantum Tunnelling Composites for force touch 3D sensing

QTC sensors are opening up a new world of possibilities with innovative, pressure-based Human-Machine Interfaces (HMIs). QTC® materials change from being an almost perfect insulator to becoming increasingly conductive in proportion to the amount of force applied. The materials are very resilient with predictable deformation and recovery so that changes in resistance due to even the slightest amount of pressure on the QTC material is both predictable and repeatable over more than a million cycles. New force-sensing formulations from Peratech include a transparent version of QTC. These force-sensing formulations provide the highest dynamic range of multi-touch pressure-sensing in a thin over-display to create more natural, smarter, safer interactions between a product and user.

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