Unique Antennas Keep HDTV Alive And Well

With all the high-priced cable and dish media available that’s ripe with advertising and little in terms of value, few people realize that 100 channels or more (depending on the area) are available by merely going ‘old school’ and plugging an antenna into their high-definition television sets. Addressing that feature, RCA is introducing five antenna models at CES.


The first antenna to join the lineup is the ANT1ME small amplified indoor flat multi-directional HDTV antenna. The design now includes an integrated signal meter, which allows the user to move and point the antenna while seeing the signal improve across the meter's multi-colored LEDs to ensure maximum performance. The industry-leading, multi-directional design means more channels from multiple directions with less need for antenna adjustment. The attached stand allows for easy-to-use functionality, or the antenna can be hung on a wall.

The second new antenna offering is the ANT2ME Large Amplified Indoor Flat Multi-Directional HDTV Antenna with Built-in Signal Meter. It includes the same features as the ANT1ME but in a larger patented RF design that increases the distance for signal reception from broadcast towers. The ANT2ME will be available in the spring for $69.99.


The third model, the ANT3ME Amplified Indoor Ultra-Thin Multi-Directional HDTV Antenna with Built-in Signal Meter, is RCA's thinnest, patented antenna design that has always delivered the most channels in an indoor form-factor. This lightweight, paper-thin antenna can be mounted on a wall or window with included materials. It will be available in the spring for $54.99.


Two additional models launching this spring are the ANT850E and the longer-range ANT950E Amplified Outdoor/Attic Multi-Directional HD Antennas. Both antennas will be available for $99.99 and $149.99, respectively.


For quick setup of the most channels, the company designed and launched the RCA Signal Finder app that is available on the Apple App Store and Google Play, and is available for free with each purchase of an RCA antenna. The app is a digital compass that gives the most television channels by helping users align their RCA antenna for perfect signal reception.



For additional information, please visit the RCA antennas.