UniPixel Prepares for Flexible Display Market

SANTA CLARA, CA --- UniPixel, Inc. reveals positive results from in-house testing conducted on its XTouch touch screen sensors for use in future flexible/foldable display devices such as smartphones, tablets, and wearable devices.

UniPixel conducted tests in which its XTouch sensors were folded and opened more than 200,000 times at a 2-millimeter radius at the fold. During the tests, as well as at the conclusion of those tests, there was no damage to the XTouch sensors and no degradation to their performance capabilities. Flexible displays will also need to have a thin and pliable cover lens that will bend consistently without damage. UniPixel's Diamond Guard scratch resistant cover lens technology is an excellent complement to XTouch sensors as it is applied in a very thin layer and will bend and seamlessly fold as it protects the underlying touch sensor metal mesh from abrasion damage.

Jalil Shaikh, chief operating officer of UniPixel, commented, "The results of our in-house testing were very positive. As flexible displays require thin and pliable touch sensors and cover lenses, our proprietary XTouch sensors and Diamond Guard are ideally suited for flexible display applications. We have already demonstrated to a major original equipment manufacturer ("OEM") that our XTouch sensors deliver optimal performance with a lens coating as minute as five microns. As far as we are aware our XTouch sensors are the only sensors available that operate effectively with such a thin cover lens coating.

"We believe that as flexible technologies make their way to the market, our proprietary XTouch and Diamond Guard technologies can become staple components in a broad array of products. While foldable displays are in early consideration by OEMs, our products now meet the early specifications OEMs have targeted to create devices that work effectively with the necessary durability for broad market acceptance."


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