Uncooled Microbolometer Camera from XenICs

Uncooled Microbolometer Camera from XenICs

XenICs, Leuven, Belgium, offers the Gobi-384 uncooled microbolometer camera covering the LWIR 8–14 µm range and combining the camera, DSP electronics, and a TCP/IP interface in a 72 by 60 by 50 mm housing. Designed for thermal imaging in machine vision, R&D, medical, automotive, maritime, and aviation industries as well as noncontact temperature measurement and hyperspectral imaging, the camera has 384 by 288 pixels on a 25 µm pixel pitch. Image processing takes place inside the camera, using 16-bit ADCs.

Contact Info

Company: Xenics
Country: Belgium
Phone number: +32 16-38-99-00
Fax: +32 16-38-99-01

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