Unattended Ground Sensors Market Report

DUBLIN, Ireland--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Research and Markets has announced the addition of "Unattended Ground Sensors: Communications Technologies and Markets" to their offering.

This report covers unattended ground sensors, communications technologies and markets. UGSs are becoming common tools to obtain various information, including environmental, situational and other data from difficult reachable places. They initially were utilized in various military applications and only lately found the place in the commercial sectors starting from SCADA and going even to Personal Body LAN. The main advantage of such sensors is their ability to utilize wireless communications between the area of deployment and an operator who may be located miles from the area of UGS operations.

Large-scale WSN-UGS represent an evolving generation of embedded communications structures and have characteristics that differentiate them from traditional wireless networks. WSN-UGS have many constraints that are not typical for other wireless networks, such as:

    - Node size
    - Dependence on the battery life
    - Bandwidth
    - Extreme conditions for operations
    - Large number of nodes.

These networks are usually constructed in a mesh topology, and are left to be self-organized and self-protected. They can function unattended for months, collecting valuable commercial or military information necessary for their users functioning. In many cases the availability of these networks is vital for success of military operations or the normal operation of a manufacturing facility.

Our analysis showed that the UGS addressable market is growing together with a military WSN-UGS market, and the years 2010-2012 will be a time of UGS penetration in a variety of commercial and military sectors.

The report concentrates on two forward-looking technologies, UWB and ZigBee that were designed with such applications as UGS in mind. Though completely different in nature, these technologies are well suited for UGS communications specifics, such as extremely low power consumption, low levels of transmission with noise-like signals, high security and low-to middle speeds of transmission.

The report contains marketing and technical analysis of both UWB and ZigBee, with emphasis on their applicability to support WSN-UGS mesh infrastructures. It also provides analysis of UGS specifics in the WSN environment.

Target Audience
This report provides WSN-UGS communications technologies and market analysis and assessments. It shows that ZigBee and UWB are two primary communications technologies that support successful UGS development. The report is useful for service providers, retail operators, vendors, network operators and managers, investors and end users seeking to gain a deeper understanding of UGS-based structures opportunities and barriers.

For systems vendors, integrators and others, the report provides an analysis and assessment of competing products currently available as well as an estimation of the overall opportunities in the coming years. The end users can gain a more thorough understanding of product's market and capabilities as well as the economics of using ZegBee and UWB to improve cost efficiency of Wireless Sensor Networks based on UGS.

Areas covered

    - Introduction
    - UWB: Technology and Market Specifics
    - ZigBee
    - Competition Landscape
    - UGS Technology-Specifics and Applications
    - UGS Vendors
    - Conclusions

Considerable internet research was carried out. Information from various Web sites was studied and analyzed; evaluation of publicly available marketing and technical publications was also conducted. Telephone conversations and interviews were held with industry analysts, technical experts and executives. In addition to these interviews and primary research, secondary sources were used to develop a more complete mosaic of the market landscape, including industry and trade publications, conferences and seminars.

The overriding objective throughout the work has been to provide valid and relevant information. This has led to a continual review and update of the information content.

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