Ultraviolet LEDs Perform Disinfection Chores

Opto Diode Corporation’s OD-280-001, the second in a series of ultraviolet LEDs, boasts easy integration, long-lifetime use, and operates in a wavelength that is well-suited for disinfection applications. Peak emission wavelengths range from 275 nm to 285 nm, with typical emissions at 280 nm.


The spectral bandwidth at 50% is typically 12 nm. The device features a half-intensity beam angle of 70°, typical forward voltage of 6.5V to 7.5V, and a typical capacitance of 350 pF. The new OD-280-001UVLED, like the recently introduced OD-265-001, has storage temperature ranges of -40°C to +100°C with operating temperature ranges from -30°C to +80°C.

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Finally, the ultraviolet light-emitting diode with narrow-spectral output provides a total power output of 0.9 mW minimum and 1.2 mW typical and comes in a TO-46 package. Of course, for greater illumination, pursue and peruse the OD-280-001 datasheet.


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