Ultrasonic Sensors from Madison

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Madison Co.

The microprocessor-based U44xx family of ultrasonic sensors from Madison Co., Branford, CT, are designed for noncontact level, presence/absence, volume, proximity, and distance measurements. The self-contained U4466 Series has set-up software and user-selectable options. The loop-powered U4467 Series measures volume and open-channel flow of liquids and is suited for hazardous locations when used with an approved barrier; an optional remote programmer is available. The U4468 Series is Web-enabled for affordable monitoring and control of local and remote tank conditions. Applications include car wash vehicle position and spray arm locations; vessel liquid level; river, stream, or irrigation canal flow and level; and wastewater effluent gate for discharge rate monitoring.

Contact Info

Company: Madison Co.
Country: United States (USA)
Phone number: 800-466-5383
Fax: 203-481-5036

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