Ultrasonic Sensor Digs In For Close Range Applications

Ultrasonic Sensor Digs In For Close Range Applications

The ToughSonic 3 ultrasonic sensor is designed for special applications that require measurements very close to the sensor face or where a narrow ultrasonic beam is required at short range. The sensor measures as close as 1.75 inches (4.5 cm), has an optimum range of 2 feet (61 cm) and a maximum range of 3 feet (91 cm). It is completely user-configurable to meet a variety of interface and performance requirements using the included SenixVIEW configuration and analysis software. It also features the Senix "Teach" function for push-button sensor adjustment without a computer. Other features include a threaded 316 stainless steel housing, it is fully potted with a 6-ft pigtail cable, IP68 ingress protected, and interface reverse polarity protected. For more details, visit http://senix.com/ultrasonic-sensor-toughsonic-3

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