Ultrasonic Sensing Instrumentation Is Accurate In Virtually Any Liquid

Ultrasonic Sensing Instrumentation Is Accurate In Virtually Any Liquid
GF Piping Systems

The 2260 ultrasonic level transmitter and the 2270 ultrasonic level sensor provide reliable and maintenance-free measurement and detection for nearly all liquids and types of vessels from closed tank systems to open basins. They are suitable for use in variety of water treatment, chemical processing, and ultrapure water applications. Both are Atex approved and operate on the measurement principle of ultrasonic time of flight and feature ± 0.05% accuracies of the measurement range. Other features include a narrow beam that allows safe installation in limited space tanks and near static objects. Sensors are available in PP, PVDF, and in 4m and 6m sizes with 1-1/2" and 2" threads. Completing the product line are a variety point level sensors that meet many application requirements as well as CE and RoHS standards.

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