Ultrasonic Level Switch Replaces Mechanical Floats

Ultrasonic Level Switch Replaces Mechanical Floats
Kobold Instruments Inc.

The NK ultrasonic level switch is a viable direct replacement for mechanical float-type level devices. It provides reliable operation in virtually any free-flowing liquid and eliminates failure caused by the finite operational life inherent in mechanical float designs. The component’s solid-state integral electronics are fully sealed with epoxy. Specs include a repeatability of 2 mm or better, switching delay of 0.5s, an input voltage range from 5 to 30 Vdc, input current of 100 mA, SPDT relay output, and a maximum current of 1A. Sensor material is 316L stainless steel, maximum temperature is 176°F (80°C) standard or 212°F (100°C) HT version, and maximum pressure is 1,000 psig.

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