Ultrasonic Fuel-Level Sensor Rides Off Highway

Ultrasonic Fuel-Level Sensor Rides Off Highway
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Groomed for off-highway vehicles, the 2UF ultrasonic fuel level sensor enables contactless and wear-free monitoring of fluid levels in the vehicle tanks. Ultrasonic pulses are generated and emitted in the head of the sensor and are reflected by the surface of the fluid and returned back to the sensor. The current fluid level is calculated by measuring the propagating time and a current or voltage signal output is provided. The sensor measures the surface of the fuel with a resolution up to 1 mm over a measurement range of up to 1.2m. Operating temperature range is -40°C to +105°C. An optional focus tube, made of diesel-resistant PA6, focuses the ultrasonic waves and stabilizes the measurement range if positioned at an incline or if there is sloshing inside the fuel tank. The focus tube also increases the maximum achievable measurement length. For a datasheet, go to http://www.elobau.com/Level_measurement/Continuous_level_measurement/Ultrasonic_level_measurement/0,0,0,423,414.html

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