Ultrasonic Flow Sensors Improve Measurement Accuracy

CeramTec’s 09265-001 2-MHz ultrasonic flow sensor delivers stable, consistent measurements by reducing zero flow offset to improve the accuracy of ultrasonic meters for utilities measurement from 0°C to +130°C. The challenge in development of ultrasonic flow sensors for accurate ultrasonic meters is stabilizing zero flow offset over the temperature range without a stable zero flow measurement. Meters will present inaccurate readings. This non-reciprocity between the ultrasonic flow sensors can vary non-linearly over the operating temperature range reducing efficacy of the algorithmic calibration profile, reducing dynamic range and measurements accuracy in ultrasonic meters.


In the 09265-001, the variation in zero-flow offset over temperature has been reduced to values as low as 30ps, which improves measurement accuracy and increases dynamic range. It can be used to take accurate measurements below 5 liters per hour for domestic applications, over a full temperature range. The sensor also specifies sensitivity as high as -8 dB over a 150-mm water-filled path and a bandwidth of 400 kHz at -3dB. For more enlightenment, view the datasheet.

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