Ultracompact Cooled IR Sensor from L-3 CE

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L-3 Cincinnati Electronics

The NightWarrior 640 mid-wave IR (MWIR) imaging system from L-3 Cincinnati Electronics, Mason, OH, is a cooled IR camera that is 17.5 in.3, weighs 1 lb., and consumes <6 W. Suited for use in SWaP-sensitive platforms and applications, the imaging system features a high-operating temperature (HOT) 15 µm pixel-pitch, 640 by 512 focal plane array; onboard image enhancement processing; auto-focus, automatic gain control, and nonuniformity correction; and uses a B-200 cryogenic microcooler that is smaller than a D-cell battery. Applications include small electro-optical payloads, thermal weapon sights, handheld systems, remote weapon stations, and tactical UAS/UAV sensor systems.

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Company: L-3 Cincinnati Electronics
Country: United States (USA)
Phone number: 513-573-6744
Fax: 513-573-6290

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