Ultra-high-speed 12-bit DAC from DATEL

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Datel Inc.

The DAC-12100 series of low-power, 12-bit, current-output DACs from DATEL Inc., Mansfield, MA, have TTL/CMOS-compatible inputs and are suited for speed-critical applications such as radar, signal reconstruction, waveform generators, and communication equipment. Features include a 100 MHz conversion rate, glitch energy characteristic of 3.0 pV-s, dynamic performance to Nyquist at fOUT of 2.02 MHz for an SFDR of –85 dB, and the complementary current outputs of 0–20.48 mA can directly drive 50 ohm loads. The converter uses an R/R2 resistor network and a segmented switching current cell arrangement to reduce energy.

Contact Info

Company: Datel Inc.
Country: United States (USA)
Phone number: 508-339-3000

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