Ultra Electronics Awarded $25 Million Contract

DARTMOUTH, CANADA--(Marketwire) -- Ultra Electronics (LSE:ULE) announced that its Maritime Systems (MS) division in Nova Scotia, Canada has been awarded a $25 million (Cdn) contract by the Defence Materiel Organization (DMO) in Den Haag, Netherlands.

Under the contract, Ultra will deliver a State of the Art QUAD receive array and Projector including the Handling Equipment of the Multi-static Active and Passive Sonar (MAPS) systems to DMO, the prime contractor for the MAPS project. The systems will be installed on the M-class frigates of the Royal Netherlands Navy. MAPS will also include a high performance signal processing and display system developed by TNO Defence, Security and Safety, the premier defence research and development organization in The Netherlands.

"We are extremely pleased to have been selected by DMO and to participate in this project with TNO to provide state-of-the-art sonar capability to The Royal Netherlands Navy" said Jim Hanlon, president of Ultra Electronics Maritime Systems.

"Ultra Electronics Maritime Systems has six decades of experience as a world leading supplier of underwater surveillance technologies" commented Ernest van der Spek of DMO. "This combination of Dutch and Canadian sonar expertise will achieve what is arguably the most capable sonar system in the world. We are proud to lead this team and deliver these systems to our Navy."

The first MAPS system will be delivered in 2011.

About Ultra
Ultra Electronics Maritime Systems (MS) is a world leader in the development and manufacture of advanced electronic and electromechanical systems for critical applications in extreme marine environments. These applications include ASW and next generation acoustic sensors for both military and homeland security use. MS is an experienced supplier to navies, defence research establishments, oceanographic institutions and prime contractors. In particular, Ultra is a globally recognized supplier of high-power underwater sonar transducers and military towed arrays. The company offers design, development, manufacture, integration and through-life support for naval sensors, and towed and moored sensor systems.

About TNO
TNO Defence, Security and Safety provide innovative contributions to the advance of comprehensive security and is a strategic partner of the Dutch Ministry of Defence. The organization uses acquired knowledge for and together with contractors to develop solutions for military operations, military equipment, command & control, operational decision making, threat and protection, instruction and training. In the area of Security and Safety, the emphasis lies on combating crime, calamity and terrorism. TNO collaborates with the defence industry and with small and medium-sized enterprises to develop innovative solutions.

About DMO
The Defence Materiel Organisation (DMO) provides modern, robust, safe and highquality materiel to all operational users throughout the armed forces. It takes care of the materiel throughout its life: from procurement to upkeep and through to disposal. The DMO draws up the materiel logistics policy needed to perform those tasks. The DMO listens to its customers wishes and delivers products and services in a timely fashion, on the basis of binding agreements and reasonable prices.

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