Ultra-Compact Blind Mate Connector Delivers Top Flow

Colder Products Company (CPC) expands its LQ Series with a blind mate option, the BLQ2 connector. LQ2 Series quick disconnect couplings re said to offer the highest-flow capacity 1/8-inch connectors in the liquid cooling industry. The connector's blind mate design further simplifies connections in high performance computing and data center applications.


Designed for connection tolerance, the BLQ2 latchless connector achieves maximum flow within 1/8" of full engagement. Its quick disconnect delivers the same flow rates as the LQ2 Series, which according to independent testing, is 23% better than other 1/8-inch connectors currently on the market. Higher flow capacities also reduce pressure drop by an average of 34%, optimizing liquid cooling system performance. The BLQ2 connector is designed for applications where the connection, disconnection and latching mechanism are maintained on a mounted server connection assembly.

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Multilobed seals provide redundant protection against leakage and lasting shape retention during extended periods of connection. The seals also deliver greater sealing efficiency than standard o-rings while requiring less force to connect. The connector’s valve design has zero seal friction in the connected state, ensuring the valve closes quickly and reliably when the coupling is disconnected. This non-spill design allows disconnection under pressure without leaks —critically important in protecting electronics from exposure to fluid and enabling hot swapping of equipment. The compact size also facilitates installation in tight spaces like the server racks of large data centers.


For more information, visit CPC and/or call 651-645-0091 or 800-444-2474.


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