The Ultimate Injection Mold Design Tutorial

SOUTH ROYALTON, VT. -- The Ultimate Mold Design Tutorial is offered by The tutorial is a comprehensive and interactive training CD created by veteran mold designer, Bob Dealey. The training provided is for students, as well as seasoned professionals. The interactive, go-at-your-own-pace format enables users to master concepts in a logical sequence to learn tried-and-proven injection mold design principle

Mold designers use the tutorial for training as well as to ensure that standard practice is adhered to by all departments within the company. Best practices are covered for every feature of a quality design, which helps the engineering, sales, design, mold making and management to be "on the same page."

Jon Turner, of the Bose Corp, states, "I found the tutorial to be an excellent graphical representation of injection molds and tool design. It's a great teaching tool for newer engineers or part designers who maybe haven't seen injection molding in action before. I would recommend it to help younger engineers or designers to gain a better understanding of mold construction and design."

Students with no experience can start at the beginning and work their way through each stage of the mold design, while learning at their own pace. For those wishing to pursue a career in mold design this offers an excellent introduction and basic education.

Leading manufacturing companies, such as the Bose Corporation, frequently order multiple copies to facilitate uniformity within the company. The tutorial has proven popular internationally, with approximately 25% of sales going to global customers. The mold design guide is also available in Spanish, and has users in Mexico, Central and South America.

American companies with overseas manufacturers find the tutorial useful for training and consistency with their global partners.

Topics covered in the Ultimate Mold Design Tutorial include: parting lines, slides, lifters, water lines, cooling, mold flow, gates and runners, venting, wall thickness, shrinkage, shut-offs, clamping force, part ejection and much more. Topics are arranged by module, which enables the student to master each before moving on, or to pick and choose as needed.

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